Why Franklin Rehab? 1

    About Us

    We provide specialized rehabilitation services in an independently owned clinic for people suffering with:Back and neck conditions, Sports and work related injuries, Neurological disorders and general orthopedic problems.
    People with these conditions are typically looking for experienced specialists who are uniquely qualified to solve simple and complex conditions involving the musculoskeletal and neurological systems. As a clinic owned and operated by physical therapists we are able to provide a Standard of Care and patient experience hard to find in the larger institutional settings.

Standards of Care 2
  • 4 Critical Standards To Demand From Your PT Provider If You Want The Best Possible Outcomes.

    When patients don’t complete their course of treatment, who’s fault is that? At Franklin Rehab, our philosophy is that compliance is a responsibility shared by therapist and patient. The best therapy providers follow quality assurance programs that measure and report the results. Research shows that quality assurance programs combined with patient education increase patient...

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Patient Results 3
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7 Questions Most Physical Therapist's Hope You Never Ask 4
  • 1. What expertise do you possess that makes you uniquely qualified to treat my condition?

    Therapists that have advanced training in a particular area of practice have a more structured approach to your recovery, resulting in greater consistency in diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, these therapists know their limitations and are more willing to refer to other health care professionals as the need arises. -Franklin Rehab therapists have advanced training in treating complicated...

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Free Screening 5
  • What Exactly is a FREE Screening?

    Our first responsibility to you, the patient, is to determine the correct course of treatment for your unique problem, whether that means a course of physical therapy or referral to a physician for more medical testing. As you will see in the description below, our intention is to do everything we can to put you on the right track to help your condition. If that means referring you to someone else, that is exactly what we will do.

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4 Convenient Locations

Franklin Rehabilitation at 76St
7253 South 76th Street
Franklin , WI. 53132
Phone: 414-425-9700

Franklin Rehab at Innovative Health
(Located inside Innovative Health & Fitness)
8800 South 102nd St.
Franklin , WI. 53132
Phone: 414-448-3097

Franklin Rehab at WAC Greenfield
(Inside The WAC)
5020 S. 110th St.
Greenfield, WI 53228
P: 414-409-7817


Franklin Rehab at WAC Downtown
(Inside The WAC)
411 E. Wisconsin Ave., 6th Fl.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
P: 414-377-4852

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