Therapeutic exercise types helpful in migraine treatment

Therapeutic Exercises

You may not think that any type of exercise is helpful for migraine treatment. However, the therapeutic exercises used by our physical therapists may help with your migraines.


At Franklin Rehabilitation, we treat each patient as an individual in our two Franklin, Wisconsin offices. We’re always willing to listen to your concerns about your condition. We’ll also help you create reachable therapy goals to address your specific concerns. Our team will also provide you with the one-on-one support you need through every step of your therapy. We bring these practices to all of our patient interactions, but they’re especially helpful for you if you’re looking for migraine treatment.

Two types of therapeutic exercises we use in migraine treatment

Migraine treatment may include many types of physical therapy at Franklin Rehabilitation. One area of your body that our team is likely to focus on is your neck. This is because we know that your migraines may be caused by an underlying neck problem. However, we may be able to help with the neck problem and the migraines by using two types of therapeutic exercises.


One therapeutic exercise we’ve found to be helpful for neck-centered migraine pain focuses on flexibility. We can use various neck flexibility exercises to tackle one of the main symptoms of neck issues. This symptom is a lack of mobility. We often find that when our patients are in pain they tighten their neck muscles. The problem with this natural response is that it only leads to increased neck pain. Tight neck muscles may also increase your chances of having a migraine. To relieve your neck muscle tension, our team will create a therapy plan that includes flexibility exercises. These exercises may help to reduce your neck muscle tension and may also reduce your chances of getting migraines.


A second therapeutic exercise type we may use to help your neck and migraine issues targets muscle strength. Our team uses exercises to help strengthen your neck muscles to improve neck posture. You see, we’ve found that many people have poor neck posture because of excessive phone and computer use. We also see many people with neck injuries that complain of migraines after their injury. Our strengthening exercises are designed to help improve neck posture. The improved posture of your neck may help restore normal blood flow to your neck and head, and it may also help to reduce the number of migraines you have.


Our team at Franklin Rehabilitation is standing by to help you with your neck issues and the migraines they may cause. We offer free 15-minute screenings to help you determine the precise reason for your pain. With this information in hand, our team can design a migraine treatment plan that may offer many benefits to you. 


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