Three perks manual therapy brings to back pain treatment

Manual Therapy Perks

Manual therapy is a type of therapy our Franklin Rehabilitation team commonly uses in back pain treatment. However, we realize that you may not know much about this therapy or the three perks it may have for you.


Our Franklin Rehabilitation team is proud to serve the residents of Franklin, Wisconsin. Our two clinic locations offer high-quality physical therapy for many injuries and conditions. Since our clinics are independently-owned, our team has developed a reputation for offering amazing customer service. This reputation is founded on two practices we bring to every therapy session. First, we always listen to your concerns and your goals for your therapy. Second, we provide you with constant support and encouragement as you work through your plan. In addition to these two customer service practices, we may also include manual therapy in your back pain treatment plan because of the three perks it may have for you.

The top three perks manual therapy brings to back pain treatment

Back pain treatment is something that many people seek in our clinics. If you seek this type of treatment, we’ll create a multi-faceted treatment plan for you that may include manual therapy.


What our team means by manual therapy is a type of therapy that manipulates the spinal joints and muscles of your back. We typically perform manual therapy while you’re face down on a padded table. The reason it’s manual is we use our hands to perform the manipulations in this therapy. We may also add other movements to the muscle and joint manipulations. These other movements may include things like rolling your pelvis forward and backward several times.


When using manual therapy for back pain, our team has noticed three perks it may have for this issue. For one thing, the therapeutic movements of this therapy may help to improve mobility in the joints of your spine. Another perk we’ve often noticed in patients after having this therapy is they have less back muscle tension. Finally, restored spine mobility and reduced muscle tension may lead to the third, and most important, perk we often see with this therapy. This important perk is that manual therapy may reduce your level of back pain.


Manual therapy may bring three great perks to your back treatments with us. However, it’s not the only therapy we offer at Franklin Rehabilitation that may have benefits for you. This is because our back pain treatment plans combine multiple beneficial methods, which may help you get a greater level of pain relief.


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