Three signs that you need chronic headache treatment

Three Signs You Need Chronic Headache Treatment

Headaches are a normal part of life. Maybe you slept in the wrong position, and your neck tension is causing a headache. Or maybe the stress at work is giving you a migraine. There are many reasons why we experience headaches. For most people, headaches go away within a few hours or a day, and they don’t occur more than once or twice a month.

However, some people are not so lucky. People who experience chronic headaches suffer from this pain several times a month, and it often lasts a day or longer. If you experience chronic headaches, know you are not alone. Most adults with chronic headaches accept this as their norm, but there are treatment options available — treatment options that don’t include medication.

At Franklin Rehab, we offer evidence-based chronic headache treatment designed to pinpoint the root cause of your continual pain. We customize each treatment to fit a patient’s condition and lifestyle. If you’re not sure if you need chronic headache treatment, take a look at the three main indicators listed below that you should see a specialist.

Three keys to look for with chronic headaches

Chronic migraines can be debilitating. If you’ve been living with this constant pain, it’s time to look at some key factors that may indicate that it’s time for you to seek treatment.

  1. Your headaches happen more than 2-3 times each month — If you have headaches that occur more than 2-3 times each month, for several months in a row, you may need to seek chronic headache treatment. Headaches that occur this frequently may indicate a musculoskeletal issue, such as a pinched nerve or a strained muscle that requires treatment.
  1. Your headaches alter your lifestyle — If you find yourself missing out on things you enjoy doing because your headaches are so frequent or so intense, you should seek chronic headache treatment. Your quality of life should not be impacted by headaches that can be treated by a professional.

  2. Your headaches last longer than a day, on average — If your headaches consistently last longer than a day, you may need to see a chronic headache specialist for treatment.

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