Back and Neck Pain

Back and Neck Pain

backpainNo matter where you turn for advice on treatment for your back or neck problem, you’ll surely find one common denominator – lots of confusing information and conflicting opinions. It seems that no matter who you ask, everyone has an idea on how to make the pain go away, and no matter what you try, nothing seems to work… leaving you with the sad statistic that up to 75% of back pain sufferers are STILL IN PAIN after a year of some treatments.


At Franklin Rehab, we believe one of the key factors contributing to this treatment “disaster” has been a lack of information. We feel that you need good information at the RIGHT TIME that does more than simply promise pain relief, but also helps patients and care providers compare assessment and treatment options. We also feel that an educated patient is an empowered patient.


For more information on common causes and treatment options, download our Patient’s Guide to Back and Neck Pain here.


Evidence Based Manual Therapy for Back and Neck Pain

A Clinically Proven Assessment As Accurate As X-rays And MRIs For Diagnosing The Mechanical Origins Of Your Back & Neck Pain… And For About 3% – 5% Of A $1,200 MRI, Why Wouldn’t You Start With Our Approach?

  • If your doctor isn’t sure about prescribing Physical Therapy, we offer a FREE screening with a definitive physical therapy diagnosis before you leave.
  • IMMEDIATE relief in 81% of patients after the first treatment.
  • Fast recovery of FULL body movement in 85% of patients.
  • 95%of patients surveyed say they recovered quicker than with basic or standard exercises and chiropractic care.
  • Do-It-Yourself home program, based on evidence based treatment principals, reduces the need for return visits to chiropractors, other standard physical therapists, and addictive drugs.
  • Lower incidence of recurrence of pain than with other treatments, thanks to the home program that keeps your body limber and strong.


Since back assessments using our method are so effective, reliable, non-invasive, and combine treatment as part of the same program, many doctors are now recommending us as one of the first steps in a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment process. Why? In addition to providing quick relief for most patients, our Evidence Based assessment will assist in diagnosing the specific problem AND provide a good indication of which treatment options may be best for you.


This is why more and more doctors now refer back pain sufferers to Franklin Rehab; the Evidence Based Manual Therapy approach provides doctors with an assessment tool and a treatment option rolled into one package. That’s good for patients as well as very efficient for primary care providers.


For more information on common causes and treatment options, download our Patient’s Guide to Back and Neck Pain here.